if it helps you then it’s fine

It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive. If something does help you getting the job done a being consistent on it, then it’s worth its price. Obviously we shouldn’t be tricked into thinking that by just buying something we will be better. They are, after all, tools, and as all tools we should be […]

better be kind

Jeff besos speech at the princeton is something to look up to. He writes a couple of interesting things such as “one day you’ll understand that it’s harder to be kind than clever.” and “Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice. Gifts are easy — they’re given after all. Choices can be hard.” or […]

losing the rhythm

Losing the rhythm happens. It happens in writing, workout, sports, work, relationships, love and friends. It happens in every imaginable field. The whole point is to not fall for it. Once you lose the rhythm start again and again. Each and every time for each and every failure.

human speed

Productivity is often linked to speed. We think that speed is the only factor. I, for one, am bothered by slow actions and slow people. One of our customers is very slow using the mouse and I think he could improve the overall speed by learning some keyboard tricks and so on. This speed thing, […]

the words we don’t say

It’s in our story that we build up what we want to be. It’s in how we share frustration, pain, discomfort that we can elevate our goals and make visible the unknown: our thoughts. A coworker told me today that ” I know you developers think meetings are useless but we need to do this […]

the world is beautiful

We don’t realize very often how many wonderful people we have around. That’s what makes our world so beautiful and unique, what makes it special. At the end of the day spend a couple of minutes checking which people helped during your day. Which were kind or gave you a smile. It’s an exercise to […]

we don’t know what’s right

A dear friend came to me few days ago with an idea that I found uninteresting.He wanted to create a new podcast about his life, or part of his life and I thought: “Well, it’s not that great”. Then I stopped thinking about it. If it was for me many of the youtube streaming live […]

need for share

Once upon a time there was a game called need for speed. It was a car racing game and, you guessed it, it was for people that needed that sprint. The need for speed is real, as many other addictions we have in our times. One for sure is our addiction to sharing things to […]

give us a plan

One of the hardest thing about working is doing some work without a plan. I think it all relates to the fact that, as human, we need a bigger plan, a goal, a vision.Without a plan even the smallest, easiest task, seems useless, pointless, worthless. A plan not only gives people hope for the future, […]

doing stupid things

I’m an expectant father and I can’t help thinking that talking to the stomach of my wife is silly. At the same time though I recognize how powerful this action is, on many levels. First, it connects. The pregnancy is something that mostly belongs to women thanks to their internal change. It’s something that, as […]

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