give us a plan

One of the hardest thing about working is doing some work without a plan. I think it all relates to the fact that, as human, we need a bigger plan, a goal, a vision.Without a plan even the smallest, easiest task, seems useless, pointless, worthless. A plan not only gives people hope for the future, […]

doing stupid things

I’m an expectant father and I can’t help thinking that talking to the stomach of my wife is silly. At the same time though I recognize how powerful this action is, on many levels. First, it connects. The pregnancy is something that mostly belongs to women thanks to their internal change. It’s something that, as […]

in search of a discount

How hard it is to exit the discount mentality? To choose based on the value an item has for us? If everything is always discounted this will only lead to us getting trapped by million dollar companies, destroying the soil of our society in favor of globalization. The small shops will die, the small producers […]

a matter of priorities

How much do you care about status? About money? About quality of life? You can’t always get all of them together, so, faced with the question, what would be your priorities? Looking at them and looking at what you do next is what will define you. Things might and should change, but it’s always a […]

everything is a lie but not everyone is a liar

Admitting our issues our fear is truly hard. When we need to tell the truth we’ll often avoid sharing the whole truth, that will lead to us thinking that we got fooled, but that’s not the case. They didn’t intend to trick us, it’s that their truth differs from ours. Their intentions and goals are […]

addiction to new

What happens when you do something new that you like?You start doing it very often, you start mastering the skills, maybe you even find a community of enthusiasts to connect to. Your mastery goes on and on, you’re better at the craft, you start buying things at medium-pro level. Time passes, the passion won’t fade, […]

expression of emotions

Each one of us is different. When we experience an emotion we can show it, hide it, show it partially, write it about, share it on social. It’s hard to know for sure which emotions are passing through the person you’re talking to. But one thing is sure: We should learn about them more. We […]

personal benefit, global benefit

I’ve said it many times: having personal benefits deriving from an action (for example more money if we sell a specific product) will drive our actions toward that goal. That’s what happens because we tend to focus on our short term benefit. To us it seems like a gain, but it doesn’t give us vision. […]

the hardest thing will always be listening

In a difficult conversation we will always battle to do what’s right. We will prefer trying to argue instead of understanding, trying to dismantle our enemy arguments instead of building a common ground where we can discuss. That’s the hardest part, because when you’re arguing, listening, is what doesn’t come naturally. It takes discipline, trial […]

years adds up

What happens when a friend make a move you don’t like? Should you shut down your friendship just because of that? Some friendships last more than others, some are based on delicate foundations and easily fall apart. It’s fine. We grow and change our view, what’s important for us, where we wanna go. It’s fine […]

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