green cleanup

You see it everywhere. Brands now advertise themselves as environmentally conscious, green, caring for the planet.

Years ago only few brands stood out because of these attributes, but nowadays it seems every company cares about the carbon footprint, being environment friendly, create less plastic and so on.

How much of this is true?
Well, for one we’re seeing how the green economy impacts the market.
Some brands were already on that train, they simply didn’t declare it. Others didn’t feel like it was good pursuing and, last but not less important: Some are using it to clean their image.

It’s obvious why, but what strikes me even more is that the green bandwagon is not simply a choice. It can (and often is) a strategy with a well definite goal that _isn’t_ caring for the planet.

What’s even worse is that this marketing tactic is used also as a strategy to clean up politicians in a very similar way.
Let’s say you have a politician that’s too authoritarian or so on, we’re having election in some months and people started losing trust in this man because his action weren’t so good as they declared.

What they could do is to make him do some good for the homeless and so on, more often than usual. This would help him have the imaged cleaned up, exactly like a brand might do to erase some past behaviors.

Why this happens? We have faith in things (which is good) and we don’t take into consideration the past enough (which is not good).
We should always measure how much of these actions are selfish by checking out the history of those brands and people.
The more they betrayed the trust, the less they will change for the planet’s good.

“Oh well, but they’re still doing good for the planet, right?”
That’s the dilemma.
Now, if we’re talking about companies, yes. They are doing some good, and that good might even be here to stay, until the green trend will fade out.
What will happen when it’ll fade? Will they keep up or not? That’s the other dilemma.

The same is true for the politician. Once their image has been cleaned up, what will they do?

We can choose to trust those people who put the planet first from the beginning, who cared for the people from the beginning.

That’s a choice we can always make, and while it’s interesting to see brands and people try to change, it’s always good to wait a little and see how that change will last through time.

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