how many tags of today will be there tomorrow?

Will you still be #bestfriends? Will you still share #bestlife photos? Will you be the one tagged into #beaches #paradise #holidays? 10 years from now, will you still communicate this way? And what will remain of these moments? How many tags will stand the test of time? I guess tags are a way of partly […]

the creative state

A dear friend of mine can write some amazing speeches when almost drunk, but in a normal state he can’t get to that level. I always said that it’s a matter of practice, diligence and so on, that we shouldn’t use this tricks to enhance our writing. Looking back to these thoughs I must say […]

let’s talk about death

What does death means?  For a child it means losing part of a habit, part of a life. There is no big emotional luggage if you’re small, there’s something more if you’re a teenager. The hard part of death is filling the void. We know it’s big, we don’t know how to replaced but eventually […]

it takes courage to love

It takes courage to do what you can’t foresee in the future, what you know will be painful. It takes courage to go into a steep road that will take effort and time to complete and might not be finished you. It takes courage to dive into the unknown.But what if you didn’t take the […]

preparing is crucial

If you don’t study for an exam, what will be the result? Work, life, is very much the same. If we don’t prepare, then the outcome will be the same. Things happen, things we couldn’t foresee, and they happen all the time. It’s not how, it’s when. And if you’re not prepared, if you only […]

how much will you stand for what you believe in?

It’s not a matter of believing in something. You can believe many things, but only a handful of those deserve the right to fight, to stand up and protect our vision. It’s all about knowing which are the battle you want to be in.If there are none, it means your thoughts are meaningless, powerless, because […]

what are the alternatives?

If anyone tells you that you only got two alternatives to choose from, think twice.  They’re right, from their point of view, but what’s missing in the picture is that there are countless alternatives, as long as you can imagine them. The two options proposed to you are just the one they can see, but […]

being paid equals taking responsibilities

One simple rule: If you’re getting paid then you must be accountable for your work, for the quality, for the output. If you don’t get paid, but you give your word, it’s the same because you’re defining an outcome and as such, you can’t abandon the project. It’s up to you to manage those expectations, […]

a slight change

We all need some change. Not because we’re not being understood or because we feel our potential hasn’t been expressed. No, we need it to get out of our confort zone, to conquer again new lands, to understand different parts of the world. Change, is somewhat a cure.

ignore the bad

There are times when you can’t fight the bad. Maybe you’re out of energy, luck, whatever. In those times: ignore it, don’t make it count, don’t make it rule your world. Sounds like simple advice, but it’s actually really hard.

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