trust the doubt

In times like this it’s normal to star wondering how to handle information and misinformation.

I came across today a facebook profile of a man that denies covid. What was clear to me is how he was conveying information. There’s something similar in a specific part of politics in italy, and, sadly, in an old (we hope) part of america too.

Using big words, being relaxed and being affermative like you don’t care, like you’re so sure this is the way.

And in these moments I value all my doubts, all my questioning. Because that’s what makes a difference. Doubting. He was so sure about the way, how to handle this situation, while I’m clueless, full of doubts and so on.

I’m happy with my doubts. They taught me to question all the information I receive.
That’s why I don’t trust overconfident people.
They are usually hiding something or being a little bit too much superficial.

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