there will be skeptics, but we need leaders

Last friday our whole company had a virtual meeting with a highly skilled person working on the “growth” of people, not technologically, but from a human and communication perspective.

She’s one of the most amazing person I know and she did her job with majesty.

At the end of the meeting I had a chance to briefly chat with a couple of people who were there, they all shared the same worry: They were skeptics. “To achieve this we need people who listen, people that apply the rules correctly”.

I’ll tell you what: I constantly fall for this trick of the mind, but at the same time I’m partly a living example that we should absolutely ignore this voice.

Years ago I went to a company retreat and in a speech I asked many question about how could we improve our communications and so on.
At the end I had this bitter feeling that all my effort would’ve been useless if I was the only one applying.
To be honest I didn’t even put that much emphasis on the teacher’s closing words “we can only control what we do, not what others do”.

I didn’t think that changing ourselves could be the solution, but here we are, maybe 10 years later and I truly believe that.
I am still skeptic and I still need to learn to un listen that voice, but I know for sure that if you lead, people will follow.

The hard part is to lead continuously even when things go wrong, even whey they don’t work, even when it seems useless.
To continue in those situations you need a stable foundation, an anchor that is inside yourself, a deep motivation, because otherwise you’ll soon end up abandoning your goals.

This is why we need leaders. To achieve change we need people that don’t listen to that skepticism. People that will move forward and do their best work all the time.

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