a stable foundation

“I don’t get enough compliments”

A compliment for the looks, for a good idea, for the work we’ve done is a gift we like from time to time. It makes us “seen” by the people around us.

At the same time, if we base our lives on those compliments there’ll be days when we get none and days we get some of them. Not all days will be equal but on the days when the count stays on zero we might feel like trash.

That happens because we didn’t have a stable foundation, something that reminds us of the good things we are and represent.
A stable foundation can literally be anything, it could be shave in the morning to feel clean each day, dress up better, it could be a safe net of friends that will always support you, or a hobby that can make you feel proud and protected even when the world goes crazy.

A stable foundation is something you can depend on, is something that doesn’t change with time. Usually it’s more stable if it all comes from within you. The more it needs the outside world, the less table it’ll be, because the world can always change, but you are in control of what you preach and love.

So yeah, maybe there’ll be days when you don’t get enough compliments. But if you have a stable foundation, you won’t care.

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