can you do better?

The web and the social networks gave us so many things. One of them is allowing everyone to express an opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, I listen to different opinions all day and what makes a big difference is how they are exposed.

What bugs me instead is how, given a decent skill set, we find people who blame other’s work as if they did it all wrong.

It’s the case of the new google logos, but it’s also the case for some italian pasta repackaging. People disagree with the result, that’s fine.
But such rework, such design, isn’t by accident.

The redesign of google logos have surely underwent a lot of internal debate, many people inside the company have surely expressed their opinion and the result might have been a compromise between the voices inside the company.

Could it be improved? Yes, does it have some drawbacks or limits? Absolutely.

What the social networks “gurus” forget is that we work inside a system. They expect a perfect result each and every time, but there are trade-offs to be made, both technologically, in design, and as deals with company departments.

You need to make all those people “happy enough”, which means it’s hard. It reminds me of my old self that thought that “No limits” is a better way to express creativity.
But true creativity is expressed within a canvas.
It’s the limit that makes the creativity worthy, it’s the limit that makes it sparkling.

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