Proud or comforted

If the people tell us that we’re good at something, that they trust our work, that they are sure we’ll be exceptional our first reactions should be to be proud.

Proud only means we’re hiding the things that scare us. We look away from the darkness.
Being proud of something other people tell us is somewhat a weakness because it doesn’t teach us anything. It leads to thinking we’re perfect and that’s rarely the case.

It’s nice to feel that way, it’s easy to feel that way. It’s a shortcut and an illusion, much like when you start dreaming of what would you if you had 1 million dollar.
If you dream of it, you don’t have it. That sensation is not something that guide you, it hides the reality.

What to do then? Be comforted. Reassured by the people that trust your work you know one great thing: You’re valuable. You can do more than what your fear tells you and, more importantly, people know how much value you give.

Do your work, in your best possible way then, knowing that you can fail but if you do you’ll be comforted by those feelings, not blinded by them.

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