You can spot marketers, marketers wannabe, and the true one

Today we live in a strange world. Not because of the pandemic, but because of how it affected the way we do marketing.

Well, it wasn’t the pandemic itself. This kind of marketing was there long before it. Pandemic simply amplified it.

If you take a spin at linkedin it’ll be quite easy to spot 3 main kinds of content (excluding the useless).

(1) People who share their product or their work.
This is the first group. They’re individuals or businesses that talks again and again about their business, accomplishments, goals, etc.

You spot them easily because they’re kinda like when you start learning something and, from the outside, it’s clear that you’re still struggling.
It’s wasted time for many people because those shares won’t amplify, won’t work, won’t convert.

Why do it in the first place? Social networks fooled us into thinking that each share is powerful.
It’s not. The content that resonates is powerful. That is the key difference.
It might resonate for good or bad reason, but if you’re looking for results, that is the kind of thing you’re after

(2) People who market their product

Well, here are the marketers “old style”. Blatantly trying to sell you something. A course, a job, you name it.
They cling onto an old behavior which might be obsolete as far as we know.

(3) People that tell a story

Here they are. The real marketers, the makers, people with a spark inside their heart, with a story to tell. A story about their life, their product.

When you read them you are attracted by their words as if they’re a magnet. You understand that they know how to write, how to convey a message and they do their craft wonderfully.

How, what’s the difference? is it the same marketing?

First, that craft didn’t come free. Writing, as with any other craft, is something you need to nurture to be good at.
They wrote, a lot. They surely have learned how to tell a story to the world and they believe it.
They’re not after recognition. They are not ego-guided.

They are sharing their beliefs, knowing these belief won’t be for everyone.

People will disagree, and this is part of their success.
Most of marketing focus on having a broad audience.
They don’t care about it.

They’re fine if you’ll stop reading, they’re fine if you won’t buy their product because they know their path, their value, their struggles.
They told these struggles in a story, crafted through many errors, not a/b testing.
Now they stand out from the crowd, they’re the real ones.

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