being told and being enabled

My HR reference asked few days ago, “Ok, we gave you this new job title and job plan, but do you need something to do your job? How can we help”.

It clarified something I didn’t think of and it’s linked to the fact that we should strive to do job we’re not 100% perfect for.

Recently I read (I think about Simon Sinek) something along these lines: What’s the use of doing a job if you’re tick all the boxes? You won’t grow, because you’re doing something you’re already capable of.

That middle ground, the space that divide you from the requirements of a new job can be splitted into 2 main categories: Things you should learn, things you should be enabled for.

For the learn part, it’s straightforward, but at the same part it might be linked to the enabling thing. Because the company should give you the tools to reach the plan, the people, the money, the status, the documents, whatever it’s needed to accomplish your job.

Having a job title it’s useless unless we have a plan to grow into it and outgrow it. To do that enablement is something we need. Otherwise we’re still hoping for exceptional people to do an exceptional job, while leaving no trace behind so normal people won’t ever be able to do it.

And if that’s the case, you’re simply doing a job in hero mode without adding value in the long term.

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