we make our fate

Fate can be challenging. But what’s even more challenging is when we define our fate as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Remember that time when you though “What a bad day, I now only need that X will happen and it’ll be the worst day ever”-

X _can_ happen. And unless you’ve added something quite unreal, is plausible that will happen.
That’s because you already know the odds and chances are we’re way above 40% chances of X happening.

What’s really happening here is that you are negatively reinforcing your expectation, and this will make the amount of sadness and overall mistrust way higher than usual.

You’re reinforcing a bad habit, a bad emotion, and overall, you want to play the victim.

“No I don’t do that often” might be a reply to this critic, but you know what? The thing is that you don’t do the opposite. If X doesn’t happen you don’t distrust everything you said. You simply consider it “at the last status”, so you maintain that overall sadness without amplifying it, which is quite different than going the opposite direction.

That’s the problem. We help too much the negative actions and emotions, and we do nothing for the positive ones unless they are casted upon us.
Yet, we have the chance to choose what to empower each and every day

That choice counts, a lot. Not only for us, but for the people around us.

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