the small ones can do wonders

What is the difference between a small or a big brand?
One has less money then the other, one has less people to manage than the other.

Those affirmations are true, but that’s not the end of the list.
While it is undeniable that a bigger brand does have more power, one thing the smaller brands have is the ability to change direction fast, to adjust to the market faster than a bigger brand.

A bigger brand needs time, time to reevaluate, time to pass the information, time to evaluate the implications, time to plan.

A smaller brand and company, on the other side, doesn’t need much to adjust.
This has happened today to me for example. I received a criticism from a customer and I understood how I undervalued one factor.

I could’ve held my position, to save face for example, but how worth it would it be?
Not so much.
Being able to say “I’m sorry, I did something wrong” is something we should value as a society, something we should aim for.
Ego is always near, pushing you back, but it’s our job to protect not our ego, but our values.

These kind of values are even more difficult to express once a company grows so much. That’s why a smaller brand can have such an enormous power, if used well.

They can make a difference, in their own terms.

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