The importance of how you dress

As we all know, we’re under a pandemic.
And, as you might also know, italy changed his government during 2021.

This, aside from being a little depressing (who would want to see such change in such difficult times), poses an interesting question I ask myself even more often.

Right now the person in charge to manage the vaccination of the population is from the military, while before he was not.
Every time he’s dressed in a military uniform, and there’s something calming about that dress.

A dress expresses part of your goal, it’s a precursor of body language, after all if you go to a meeting with an horrible dress, they’ll think about it. How you dress is a choice.

How you dress convey a message of interest for other people. It signals your intents.
So, what’s calming? I honestly dunno. It’s a reaction I don’t control and to be honest I’m against the military usage for war, to make a point, but at the same time I suppose that having someone showing off interest for the population (military uniform) instead of himself (a normal suit), might make a difference.

It might be only a choice to show off, but it works.

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