objective feedback and the path to discernment

Feedback is such an amazing and powerful tool that we forget how much we do get manipulated by that. Think about the time when you wanted to start a new thing, and a friend told you that it wasn’t such a great idea.Did you feel that kind of disappointment? Did you get a little less […]

it’s time to make the call

I often encounter complex situations when the Owner of a product can’t decide which way to go. It’s hard, it’s complex, because there are so many variables, so many inputs to consider, so many outcomes. At the end of the day, though, someone’s got to make the call and decide which one is the way […]

life around a child

When you have a child your life changes in way you didn’t expect. First and foremost: It starts (your life) revolving around her/him.She will be the starting point of any choice, of any destination. It seems like breaking up habits, abandoning the good things, but in fact is adaptation. Things change, you change, it’s a […]

we’re not comfortable with diseases

I hope this has never happened to you, but did you have a friend that got a pretty serious disease? He’ll most likely try to hide his situation, his illness. In case of chemo, he might wear a hat or add some extra hair, in case of severe depression of addiction he might express extra […]

being wealthy is not about what you show

Wealth is always perceived as an abundance of things. Ownership of houses, boats, businesses. I’ve loathed the rich for a long time. I was raised in a family with modest earnings and I understood that money can come and go in a minute. While I was growing I understood that, as with many parts of […]

nuances of a job

Did you ever though “It’s not my job, I shouldn’t do this” during your job? The conflicting battle inside your head to determine: Is it worth it? Should you continue or not? When this happens it’s usually caused by three reasons 1. You don’t want to do it (because you’re frustrated or other things)2. It’s […]

handling total failure

If I look back at my failure I can clearly see that something in the way I digest that information has changed over the years. In the beginning failure, for me, was total destruction, surrender, a condition I couldn’t escape. When I remember one of my work-failures I can remember how it made me feel, […]

you can’t hide

One thing we learn as kids is that, from time to time, we can do something wrong, but have no one actually noticing it. We can get away with it if we can hide the evidence, the proof, then you’re fine. It’s a toxic mindset that follows us through a big part of our life.Each […]

fear of trying

We do all fear failure and we skip the trying part. We avoid trying something new, because it creates uneasyness. But this is where the learning starts, when you learn new skills, when you go over an beyond your limits. You can’t do that if you don’t try.You’ll only be able to do the minimum.

nothing beats consistency

There’s a topic I come back to very often, and it’s the fact that consistency trumps everything. Keep moving is the best way to reach a goal, to get to the end of something.I saw this recently while reading a book on how to raise children. It’s hard to raise them because we surrender, we […]

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