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  • the hard thing of knowing your value

    It’s hard to truly know your value. If you’re humble you’ll underestimate and miss the clues around you, the messages from the people. If you’re overconfident you might overestimate and miss the feedback. Or you might do the opposite. Knowing your value is a hard task because, often, the value depends on the context.Your range […]

  • ideas are worthless

    Have you ever thought of a nice idea, like a story for a book, and stopped by executing it because someone else was first? I surely did. And I also knew that ideas alone are of no value, yet it blocked me anyway. In my mind I thought I was simply adding repetition to the […]

  • it’s all about recognizing pain

    I’ve been in burnout many times. This is a realization that didn’t come easy. I never asked for help, I always recovered by myself, with a long time, with many introspection. While it seems great if you read it, it’s not. We’re not burnout-proofed. Burnout will happen again, might happen again, and I’ve seen it […]

  • A side of branding

    Why some brands “click” more than others? What makes them intriguing or interesting, what makes them an example to follow? Branding is a really wide topic. Some branding takes place in the office, while another one takes place in the heart. In the office you plan and define how the brand should like, what message […]

  • Outcomes

    We often say “Oh, if I look back at that moment maybe I’d choose a different path”. How much of the knowledge we get from knowing the consequences of our action would dictate our choice? If we knew beforehand that our promotion would destroy the morale of a person and put he into depression, would […]

  • frictionless

    When you have more than one insurance you can compare their behavior when something goes wrong. I’m not saying a comparison on how they work on topics of the insurance but how does it work, for example, to cancel the insurance itself. Chances are, one will have friction. One will make it difficult, harder, etc.Having […]

  • death and kindness

    It is often the case that death teaches kindness. It reminds us how fragile our life is, our weak the net of people is and how it can break easily. It’s a powerful reminder that what we have is temporary. Today we know it’s there, but what about tomorrow? With this knowledge we review our […]

  • Be a possible-man

    What if, instead of being a yes-man or a no-man, you’ll simply evaluate the possibility of doing something. To see if there’s a real space to conquer, to see if there’s a real option on the table? What if, instead of blinding accepting or refusing an idea you evaluate it with an open mind, asking […]

  • The importance of how you dress

    As we all know, we’re under a pandemic.And, as you might also know, italy changed his government during 2021. This, aside from being a little depressing (who would want to see such change in such difficult times), poses an interesting question I ask myself even more often. Right now the person in charge to manage […]

  • habits that stick

    One of the easiest way to have a new habit stick is to chain it with something else in a time you _know_ you can get some extra space for it. If you don’t chain then you’ll need extra support to remember to do the thing, but if you do chain it you’ll increase the […]