You can spot marketers, marketers wannabe, and the true one

Today we live in a strange world. Not because of the pandemic, but because of how it affected the way we do marketing. Well, it wasn’t the pandemic itself. This kind of marketing was there long before it. Pandemic simply amplified it. If you take a spin at linkedin it’ll be quite easy to spot […]

being told and being enabled

My HR reference asked few days ago, “Ok, we gave you this new job title and job plan, but do you need something to do your job? How can we help”. It clarified something I didn’t think of and it’s linked to the fact that we should strive to do job we’re not 100% perfect […]

we make our fate

Fate can be challenging. But what’s even more challenging is when we define our fate as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Remember that time when you though “What a bad day, I now only need that X will happen and it’ll be the worst day ever”- X _can_ happen. And unless you’ve added something quite unreal, is […]

the beauty of life is hidden in the quiet moments

We are always searching for happiness, but if we were to define happiness it would be quite hard. Is it when you’re laughing? Is it when you’re smiling? Is it when you’re more than satisfied? There’s no good or bad answer. Happiness, as many people would say, it’s not an end goal, it’s the travel […]

we were depressed all along

2020. Covid Happened. We didn’t expect it. With it everything changed. Our behavior, our distancing, our working, our friends. We started seeing people differently. The world split into two main factions. But under that hood there was an even sadder truth. I was reading a reddit topic on how quarantine changed for good and bad […]

raise your voice

How can you make it easier for people to raise their voice? To stand up for what they believe? Put them in a condition when they are not affected if they have something to say.Otherwise you’ll always have enough power to control what they do or think. If you’re the one in charge, you’ll likely […]

over communication in a remote world

Lately I’ve been flooded with calls of any kind. Some useful, some useless. Some organized, some with no foreseeable intent nor goal. This made me realize that we live in a strange time. Meetings give you the overall idea that everything’s under control, but if we don’t write it down and if we don’t make […]

No role is final

There is no final role in your career. What you have now is part of what you may or may not become. It’s a step. It can be incremental or decremental. You might discover that the role you’re about to do isn’t that exciting, or that it doesn’t suit you. Or even that you simply […]

what makes you angry?

Think about it, what makes you angry? If a coworker doesn’t obey your order, what makes you angry? If you lose at a game, what makes you angry? In many situations our anger is pointed towards others, but if you look closely it’s strictly connected to our ego.Our self-image being lowered, our position being altered, […]

any relationship is an investment

I always thought that relationships are just that, a relation between two persons. Often I though that they ought to be directly linked. If I did something good I hoped that something good would eventually come.If I did harm, I expected to harm that relationship. In some ways it went like that. I harmed (emotionally) […]

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