A side of branding

Why some brands “click” more than others?

What makes them intriguing or interesting, what makes them an example to follow?

Branding is a really wide topic. Some branding takes place in the office, while another one takes place in the heart.
In the office you plan and define how the brand should like, what message should convey and so on, on the other hand there are small companies that have such an excellent branding without resorting to the office, to paid advertising etc.

They have what’s commonly called “personal branding” and it’s not a matter of marketing alone, it’s a form of expressing and (in some cases) being true to your customers.
Taking them by hand and guide them towards your ideas to see if they match, and if so here they are, discovering a new amazing brand.

It’s about finding a niche that shares your value and having a way to express to them what you think it’s worth.

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