it’s all about recognizing pain

I’ve been in burnout many times. This is a realization that didn’t come easy.

I never asked for help, I always recovered by myself, with a long time, with many introspection.

While it seems great if you read it, it’s not. We’re not burnout-proofed.

Burnout will happen again, might happen again, and I’ve seen it through friends and coworker happen again and again. I’ve seen their morale being destroyed piece by piece, their enthusiasm being lowered and so on.

I’ve also saw the reactions of people. From the one that promise you “I’ll help you”.
But they don’t.

From the one they ignore the problem “It’ll get better”
But it wont.

And after many encounters with the burnout I can say that one of the key lessons here is about recognizing and accepting pain.
We, as humans, don’t like pain.

We don’t like tu suffer ourselves, but even seeing pain in other people is something we’d gladly avoid.
If we allow others to share their pain entirely then we can’t escape from it, we must face it.

That’s why we say “I’ll help you” (lying) or “It’ll get better”.
It’s because we don’t want to face the pain the person is ready to put on the table.

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