the hard thing of knowing your value

It’s hard to truly know your value.
If you’re humble you’ll underestimate and miss the clues around you, the messages from the people. If you’re overconfident you might overestimate and miss the feedback.

Or you might do the opposite. Knowing your value is a hard task because, often, the value depends on the context.
Your range of experience and knowledge might give an incredible amount of value in a specific field, while being useless in others.

When you look around for ideas, companies, friends, it’s hard to know how much alignment there is between your skills and their needs. There is no easy path to discover it, you must always try.

But there are also times when you have clues around you that tell your value. People reminding of the amazing work you do each and every day. People that respect you and admire you.
And if they’re honest and you don’t feel too much overconfident you might as well shut up that voice in your head for a second, to be grateful for such an amazing group of people that cheers for you.

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