we don’t need more courage, we need more empathy

If your job is not going well, if there are problems you can’t stand the default answer from many people will go towards courage.

Courage is the word we link to the spartans, to the great epic conquerors of the past, to the people with enormous success.

We expect courage to fix all the problems, because in the mindset of “fake it till you make it” (which isn’t wrong per se), we think that courage will trump any other thing.

Until it doesn’t.

Courage, much like willpower, is finite.
We need to recharge, to instill courage and willpower into ourselves.
Therefore courage can’t be the solution to all the problems.

Often we need empathy from the world and an introspection into what we truly value.
Making a point of what we believe in and trust that value.

The outside world might guide us towards other goals, but what’s truly important is what our values are. In that we should put our faith.

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