getting to a conclusion

I wonder if everyone has as many doubts as me when I get to any kind of conclusion.

This is mostly derived from the fact that once you cristallize your tought into something that has a meaning, you give to it an enormous power, mostly because you want so deeply to be right that you would prefer dying than be proved wrong.

So everytime I get to a conclusion I’m hesitant, a bit fearful because I don’t know how much of what I thought was correct.
I investigate further, to understand, I doubt myself, that’s the only way you could find if you were correct or not.

We can assume that many information we have is not correct.
Memory is faulted by default, therefore we don’t really have a solid ground there.

Also it’s common to refer to anecdotal information as if it were true, therefore improving a single thought might require some time before it is well established.

One thing that helped me are questions.
If you continue doing questions to dig deep you’ll eventually undestand if the information presented is solid or not.

To learn, and adapt.

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