the secret to hugging deeply

I love to hug, there’s no way I would deny this.
Hugging is like creating a connection, like protecting a child.

The hug itself is the human demonstration of vulnerability, love, honesty all together in just one action.
You don’t hug anyone.

The bad thing is that we usually don’t hug, or we don’t hug deeply.

But what is deeply by the way?

You might hear a marketer recommend to hug someone in a specific situation, would that hug be real, true to itself?
I don’t think so.
I don’t believe that kind of fake hug will contain all the data, all the passion and the feelings that you usually put and communicate through a hug.

That’s why we need more hugging, deep hugging.
We need to share our heart with other people, to let us connect with our inner parts, link two human beings for a second or two, not for love, not for sex, but for being here right now, for sharing the overwhelming beauty of a hug.

Truth to be told there’s no secret to hugging deeply. I lied.
I believe there’s one way to do it, yes, and I believe that’s the secret. But it’s no secret at all, that’s why I lied a bit.

The secret to hugging deeply is to hug deeply.
Is to share our full range of emotions inside a static movement, a hug.
Compress all of our feelings into a single posture, heart to heart with another person.
No motion in the hands or arms, a hug doesn’t need moving.

A hug needs to be static in order to feel both the heartbeats.
And in that awkward moment, you stay for many seconds that pass like an eternity between two different worlds.

Then we separate, as a child who becomes distant from his mother the first time he/she is born.
Born with a new feeling, a new sense of deep connection with the world.

The feeling of another heartbeat.

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