respect the world you live in

I was in my favourite Pizza place, one of the  best around here, and I got to talk with the wonderful Antonio, a man from the south of italy who also got the chance to travel the world, specifically germany, and work there.

He said “I was lucky because I got to come back to italy before it’s too late”
Late for what? I say
“If you stay to much in a place, then you’ll live there. Family, wife, all things will sort of bond you with the place, and I was lucky because italy is such a wonderful place”
It is, but how are you finding yourself here? Is it a good city?

I was asking this to know what does he thinks of Montevarchi, some people hate it, some people are ok with it.

“Montevarchi is great” he said “you have everything at hand, everything is near.”

He kept talking until he told me one of the most beautiful things I have heard in life, really inspiring.
In italy we have a saying that goes like this “don’t spit on the plate where you eat”.
It means respect the place that pays your bills.

Antonio moved this saying even further
“You must respect the place where you live , because, yes, you’ll be staying there every single day for a long time, and if you live in the shit, it ain’t good”.

Respecting the work or the job wasn’t enough for him, he respected the city too, and I agree.
Respecting our surroundings, or even the world, is a great thing.

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