there’s a reason why fear will always stop you

On June 2nd, the EU Cookie law will become effective.
This is a law that requires every site owner to put a warning, sometimes a disruptive one, to inform users of cookie usage.

In case the usage of cookies tracks the user personal data then it is imperative for the notice to be as much disruptive and different from the website style as possible.

This is making many people freak out.
It’s understandable because the Law language is not understandable.

We don’t talk the way legal documents talk, because it’s inhuman.
Therefore when we have to interact with a law that has such a wide audience we are scared.

Scared because we don’t understand, scared because we fear the consequences.
Some people even shut down their websites in order to feel safe.

Only because of one single law.

This is the power of fear, the power of the unknown, but more than the unknown is that Law, and legal documents are something beyond the “normal human”, and they also add one spice to our dish, the “responsible” spice.

Who will be responsible for this?
That’s the freezing question.
No one wants to be responsible for doing nothing.
I just installed analytics to see how many visitors I have, how could I have been responsible of tracking users?

There’s a fine line here, the website owner just wants some stats, a number.
222 visits today.

That’s what matters to him (I’m talking about the simplest case).
But the analytics is much more than that and now he has become responsible without him truly understanding the consequences.

I don’t think this is a bad law, but I do think things might have been done better.
This law doesn’t move towards improving the web experience, which is why I consider it imperfect.
The web can’t be just controlled by this, we need something adaptable, flexible, otherwise many people fears will control the future of the web, making it useless, inaccessible, worse.

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