the space between any choice you make

There’s a space between taking a chance and staying still.

That space is long, is dark, and you won’t know what will happen.
That space is all an image of our minds.
A true image, but still the result of some thinking.

It’s the result of all the information we have accumulated about “how things should work”.
That you might fail (and it’s true), that you might just waste time (and it’s true).

But that space is also what differentiates you from the rest of the world.
Not because you took that chance or you stayed still.

No, that space differentiates you because it’s unique.
You, and only you, have that kind of space.
That dimension of fear, worries, and so on, exists in a measure defined by your mind, and no other space will be alike.

Therefore, it’s yours, because it has been constructed like a suit, just for you.

And it’s because of this that it seems so scary.
When we look at someone else’s struggles, we often find them laughable.
Because their fears are not ours.

What it is scary for us, it’s just boring for others.

And what if… it’s just boring for everyone?

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