what if you sacrifice the unnecessary?

Sometimes I wonder what is really needed to sacrifice.
Many people say we have to suffer a bit to gain more, to earn more, etc.

I guess there’s some truth over there, but I also wonder if there’s something else that can be done to reach what we desire.

The first fact is that we can’t have it all.
We can, probably, but in an honest full and rich life, it’s enough if we only reach many of our goals, instead of all of them.

If you think about it, fulfilling some of your goals and dreams is enough satisfying that you don’t feel the need to reach them all together.
Yes, one after another you might want to do them all, but aiming at all of them together? Not a great case.

Instead, what if we could prioritize the goals and focus on what we feel important and what will give us energy and space?
If you think about it every time you don’t have energy or space (I mean freedom of thought, unleashing your creativity or just be calm in your shoes), then you usually can’t accomplish much.

But, on the other hand, what if you are happy and you actually have the time and energy to focus on the next thing?
Yes, right now you probably aren’t, but if you go through the list of your goals, your dreams, and search for the one that will give you energy and time, what would that be?

You might even add a new goal for that matter only.
To have time and energy.
Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Prioritizing that goal might be a great choice, and that’s what I’m trying to do these days.
I realize that I changed my goals many times, and many times I failed at reaching them.

The failure, though, wasn’t really a problem for me.
We fail all the time, why should we care? I learn from my mistakes and go on, and I adapt, I try to adapt and move towards what suits me best in the moment, and now I’ve finally realized that what I really want is time and energy.

To build that, I will need to free time, meaning I will sacrifice money for this goal.

Is money important? Yes.
But can we live with less money? Yes again.
What’s more important? Being full and without energy but with money, or having less (beware: less is different than none) and having time to dedicate to what you care about?

It’s personal, but to me the choice is clear.
Sometimes we have to sacrifice the unnecessary.

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