the trick to write when you don’t want to

There is a trick to do something (like writing) when you don’t feel like writing at all.

The thing about this trick is that it requires you to do the work you’re supposed to do, and it works like this.

To write when you don’t want to, you start writing.
That’s it. That’s how this post came up.
I gave myself the rule to write every single day, and I don’t expect to have a good idea or something worth sharing every day (and if that happens, good for me).

So to write, you just have to write.

But I agree with you sometimes we don’t have ideas don’t we?
So, can you cope with that too?

Given the fact that you can write even if you don’t want to, what if you have to write on a specific subject?
My personal tactic when I don’t have an idea is to take an object or an element, and start writing about that.

If you are allowed to write about any specific subject (for example you want to create a new chapter for a fiction book, or a short story), then pick whatever is around you, a black swan, a tv, a pomodoro.
Describe it, start with that and then open the visual to what might be around this subject (this time don’t describe what are you seeing, but go with the flow).

If the topic is defined beforehand then pick something on that single topic.
For example: do you want to talk about web development in php and you already wrote about php and basic programming? Let’s dig deeper into advanced flow paradigms.
It might not be the perfect next chapter, but it will be a good start, and you can arrange it later.

Also, if in doubt on how to get ideas, remember to read this article on questions.

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