the trick to shipping things

Every now and then I realize that I’m procrastinating.
This can happen for a lot of reason: lack of interest, too many things to do, bla bla bla.

Procrastination isn’t necessary a bad thing, I personally believe in procrastinating as a way to keep the focus on one task (and put all the others on hold) but there are times where procrastination is counterproductive and that is when it doesn’t allow you to ship things.

Shipping is a term widely used when talking about products, but I guess we can use it for every task we want to complete as a whole.

When I realize that I’m procrastinating and I feel like I should ship instead there’s a trick I use to focus: Ship what I have.

Usually this moment happens when I already have done some of the work, it doesn’t happen at the beginning, when no work is done.
Why? Well… I think I tend to be a kind-of perfectionist (not obsessed though), so I plan to ship when I got all the things lined up, but this isn’t always the reality.

Reality will be that I don’t always have the time and will to do all I’ve got to do.
So I ship what I have and force me on do the best to finalize in a small time.

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