the meaning of play

I guess I still haven’t understood perfectly the meaning of play, although I might say that I try to study it as much as possible.

Play as never-ending game. Play as deep enjoyment.

I first heard about Play when I was listening to the power of vulnerability, an audio book by Brene Brown.
From that listening on, many things shifted. I remember how much controversial that book it was to me.
It wasn’t controversial because I was against its preaching but because it challenged everything I knew with some kind of new knowledge that was (and still is) difficult to translate into action.

We are used to our way of life, we are used to how we think.
Changing that is pretty difficult, but not impossible.

Play had a primary role into that book, because with play you free yourself.

That was the same conclusion Josh Waitzkin got in his book “The art of learning”, but he applied to a slightly different topic.

Reading both books made me realize that we all need to play.

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