the road to sharing

I always wondered what it takes to share with other people what you know.
It took me almost 6 months to start doing it, to understand the simple basics, to be what many might call a newbie.

I haven’t become an expert by any means but know at least I understand the reason, what moves this decision and what makes it worth it.

Sharing knowledge is both something you do for yourself and for others, but what really surprised is the reason for the former.

You don’t do it for fame, you don’t do it for glory.
Personally I do it to not forget and to enjoy the sharing.

Why? Because I tend to forget, and my knowledge changes over time. By writing down passages you are forced to create a diagram of the actions, you basically improve your memory.

Also, by writing, you allow the information to be searchable, making it more accessible to yourself, not only to others.

All in all, I can’t find a reason to _not_share.

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