the dirty secret to laziness

There is no person around the world that isn’t lazy.
We all are, maybe on different degrees and topics, but we all are.

So, what’s the matter with being lazy? In fact, not so much.
Being lazy isn’t a problem by per se, it’s a problem when it affects your life and when it doesn’t help you living a richer life.

I suspect there are not so many other rules to this game.
Being lazy can be good if it means to nurture yourself for a while.
It isn’t so good when you do it everyday to avoid decision, to avoid change, to avoid improving.

The next time you see a super-active person doing so many things remember this: we are all lazy.
You might not know where that person is lazy, but he or she is and the issue in that case is that you somewhat feel inferior because he/her can accomplish so much and you don’t because you’re lazy.

Sadly, laziness isn’t the problem.

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