streaks and this blog

This blog started on december 28, 2014, mostly because I wanted to setup a new habit and because I wanted to improve my english writing.

It all started with the book “What to do when it’s your turn” by Seth Godin, and it started because there were many things to say.

Sometimes they were useless, sometimes they were complex thoughts that were staying in my head with no reason.
This blog is not a place where everything is interesting, but it’s a place where I want to continue my streak in writing.

It has been a while since I truly kept up with the streak. Many days are missing and I can see them from the monthly post count.
And the thing about streaks is that usually there isn’t a good reason for interrupting them.
You always do it for laziness, not for other important topics.

So I want to get back on track and continue pushing this blog forward, keeping my mind on and my words flowing.
Some of the thoughts are written here were unknown even to me, I couldn’t expect their birth, let alone writing them, this is why this streak is so important: it has helped me grow.

If you ever struggle improving a language, or putting down on paper what you think, starting a daily blog is one of the best thing you could do.

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