what are we after?

We are here to experience the world, to amaze and be amazed, to chase our goals and dreams.

We are here to make a difference, leave a sign of our passage, spread the love we feel and let the love outgrow us.
We are here to not be controlled by our ego but to move towards our greater self, our best design.

We are here to trust in others and to feel insecure, to share our deepest vulnerability, to allow people to see our weak side with no fear or worry.
We are here to be the normal people in the world who will still make a difference, but we are not here to be heroes, not the ones Marvel draw to entertain us.
We are the fathers and the sisters that magazine don’t talk about because we do what we must do, because we know it.

We are here to be here, to live this moment 100% and not regret it in a second or two, nor for a day.

We are here to dream, cry, love, die throughout the stream of live.

We are here to smile, we are after happiness, yet we are the one producing it.

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