the other version of the story

The news in the media are easy to share.
Right now many news are click-bait, and on social you find sharing an event with an unmatched easiness.

These days a news about a musician being fined because he started mounting his equipment 10 minutes before his time.
This has happened on pontevecchio, Florence.
The man had a contract that stated he could use that zone only after a specific time, and he came early, 10 minutes, and started mounting, then he got fined.

From the outside, it seem unfair. He’s paying the bills, he is a good man, he didn’t exaggerate the anticipation (we are talking of just 10 minutes, right?).
So, all in all I thought it was a bit unfair, until a friend of mine noted that he, after all, infringed a law and therefore he needed to pay.
That, after 12 years that no problem ever arise, now it has happened, so there must be a reason behind it. A reason we don’t know because the news doesn’t include this info.

This reason is the other side of the story, the part that we don’t know.
Many times both publicly and privately we know only a part of the story, the part that’s been told, and we fail to desire to discover the other side of the moon, the dark one, the one that doesn’t get the attention because it might clear up it all.

We prefer the fiction over the harsh reality.

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