the art of zen

I remember that when I was a child I used spend some days into the house of a dear friend.
He was living near the Cinque terre, in italy, a beautiful place.

I remember the smell of lemons his mother planted outside and their wonderful taste when I used them into the morning tea.
But there’s one teaching of those days that stayed with me for a much longer time.

I was wearing a men necklace those days, and one day it was all tangled up.
I was fighting to get that necklace into place when his mother came up to me and helped me untangle it.

While her hands slowly found the trick of the necklace she told me “the secret is to go slow. You have the urgency to do it fast, but in fact to untangle it you have to do it slowly”.

That was probably my first contact with my somewhat loved world of zen.
I am not specifically talking about the whole ideology but the approach.
A slow, kind, approach to the world.

Even though I’m not always following this lifestyle, this is somewhat my main track now, something I love.
And the nice thing about that phrase she said was that I could apply it for every single action of my life.

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