don’t let your feelings be hidden

Every now and then I write a good birthday note.
I usually ship it through sms, but the point of it is that lately I’ve realized we let too many of our feelings hidden and I guess there’s no reason for doing that.

Therefore from time to time I write this to people, people that I care of.
I write them to show their love, their feelings to anyone dear. To not let those feelings misunderstood.
We don’t get enough time on this single life and it might be as well our last day.

Relationships build upon this foundation of feelings, and if you assume that the other people is understanding your feeling correctly you might get it wrong.
Better to clear that up, better to be transparent, better to hug, love, smile, to share the beauty others took into our life.

There are so many people we care about, why should we assume they know we love them?
Show them, every moment you can, show the full range of your emotions and care for them.
They should be aware, you should be aware of this.

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