don’t make a fool of your customers, they’re not stupid

These days a new advertising can be heard every day on the radio.
It’s about a new car and some discounts.

The advertising starts with the intro of a famous song, one that we already hear often on the radio, there’s no voice, no narrator, nothing. It’s just a song.
After about 6 to 10 seconds, the ad starts with something along these lines
And now the new summer-hit
Then the ad really starts.

I felt like they were playing with me, with my attention, with my intelligence, and I guess I’m not alone.

If you fool your customers clearly, how can you expect them to trust you?
When making an advertising don’t try to fool somebody, try to give them value, to make them laugh, to keep things interesting.

But please, don’t make a fool of them.
Respect them, because marketing isn’t about getting attention, it’s about sending the right message to the right person.

Marketing it’s about communication of values, about entertainment and pleasure.
If you make your customer feels like idiots they’re not your customers anymore, they’re your enemies.

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