the beauty of breathing

The most simple exercise in the world is breathing.

Lately I’m experimenting with a 4 step breathing in the morning.
Basically you breath in for a few sec (let’s say 8 seconds), then you hold your breath for 32 seconds (8×4) then you exhale for 16 seconds. Then you stay “empty” for 8 seconds.

This can be summarized with a 1-4-2-1 rotation of breathing exercise that will wake up your body and relax your mind when you do it. Do it for 10 times and you’ll be good to go.

If you avoid blocking the throat when you hold the breath then you’ll also improve your speaking because you’ll train the muscle of the body that controls the keeping of the breath.

For the same reason you’ll also improve singing.

Doing it constantly works just like magic because the relaxation benefit are so obvious.
It’s no wonder that one of the great master of Tai Chi told to Josh Waitzkin “We all breathe too less”.

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