preparing vs improvising

In any trip there are the people who prefer everything settled out and the one who prefer to adjust to the situation.

Your mileage may vary but I think that, S always, it’s good if you sit in the middle.

Not too much improv not too much control. Enough for you to be surprised and to not feel out of place.

I say this but in my mind I know how beautiful it is to be surprised by a trip. When the unexpected delights you it gives you a memory that cannot be replaced.

Even when things go wrong, if they don’t go wrong too much chances are you’ll have a wonderful story to share with your friends while drinking a beer together.

I remember the time when we were in Fez and a man came up to us and showed the hidden city.

We were always worried he was a false guide. Thanks to him we saw places with no tourists, great places we probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

In the end he wasn’t a false guide but a man genuinely interested in sharing culture and connect with new people. 

He was unexpected and even if we felt uneasy all the time we were with him, when we came back home this was one of our favorite stories.

Maybe we were just lucky or enough smart to avoid problems with him, but in the end what counts is the gifts you bring back home. Even if they are memories.

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