don’t lose faith

Tension changes us.

The turmoil inside us, with voices screaming inside our head, changes us.

They change us because they change our priorities.
Well, they don’t change those, but they change our perception of the priorities.

They fool us into thinking there’s a bigger priority to follow.
A more urgent matter.

In my case it was how to finalize a product (a physical one).
Everything was foggy, unclear, unsure.

I felt lost.
And what chances did I have to feel in other ways? There was no way out, no certainty, nothing sure.

Everything was not going as planned, and what pissed me more than ever was that I got questions, but no one was answering.

Then 3 of my problems disappeared in one day. Everything was more calm, more in place.
My friend reminded me that you were the relaxed guy.

Yes I was, my fault for forgetting that.
I still am that guy, but my perception of reality shifted and lost my touch.

I am lucky that I’m surrounded by great people.
People who believe in the work I do.
People that trust me and remind me of my best self.

Life is gonna try to shift your priorities, but what’s really important shouldn’t change.
Don’t let yourself be fooled by perception.
Try to always see what’s after the glasses.


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