don’t be too hasty in solving problems

As a developer I am inclined to search for bugs and fix them.

It’s normal for me to search for the problem, because part of my job is to solve it.

When it comes to real life, though, this may be counterproductive.
Searching for the problem and moving fast to issue a solution isn’t always a good choice.

In life sometimes we just need time.
Maybe we just need to digest the new information, or maybe we have to gain some knowledge and gaining it requires time.

Whatever the issue is, we need time.
Fixing things so fast doesn’t allow me, or other people, to have that time.
I don’t allow them to have their own time because I feel this urgency to fix the problem.

The opposite of this is accepting others.
Understanding the difference and let time to the rest.
Give it time, let it rest, let it grow.

Allow the discussion or the thought to slowly come again into your life with a more mature appearance and then face it again.

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