men and women perceptions

Looking at how ads are made and seeing how we differently react it’s hard for me to say that men and women are equals in term of perceptions. 

I’m not talking about a better or a worst, but instead I refer to different take on the same fact.

Men and women are different because they are emotionally different. They feel joy and fear in topics totally unrelated. And while we can asset that exceptions do exists we must also consider the rest of the options.

We laugh, we choose differently, and marketing knows it, while we might not even realize.

Today I was looking at some ads in Japan and here the difference is less obvious that in Italy.

It is obvious for coffe, which seems primary aimed towards men, while many tv ads seems to focus on both genders because the Japan male can have a face that’s less manly than usual. 

In other races, the male is clearly different, while in Japan the difference is more subtle (not less evident), because the you can have delicate face lineaments without being too much feminine.

It was interesting because it shows how our interpretation of human body change the way we market to it.

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