natural complexity

There are times when I hate technology. It’s when technology becomes

  1. Slow
  2. Inefficient
  3. Complex

When things don’t work or are too slow or complex to find/understand, those are the times I wished to be a farmer.

Nature is complex, but yet it feels ok, while the complexity of technology often leads to frustration.

Why is that? 

I guess it’s because nature is “natural”, while the complexity added from technology is something that’s an artifact. It can be understood only if you are already understand much of the tech world.

That is why usability is so difficult to create and infuse into products.

Because the goal of usability is to create that natural-like experience that allows people to “do things” without too much frustration or thinking.

Raising a kid is complex, it is frustrating sometimes, but hardly will you “feel” a barrier caused by nature. 

Maybe the barrier is your kid itself, but there is no barrier added from the system, while in tech it’s the system itself that add limits.

The more time it passes, the more I’m inclined to pay for services that just work the way I want, because the usability and efficiency of a service is part of the “natural” feeling I expect from good technology.

Technology should add more work to your life, instead it should remove it.

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