what would happen if marketing disappeared?

When I was in Kyoto there was a law in the city: you couldn’t try to “invite” the customer to try your restaurant or see something.

It was unusual.
When I first heard of it I remembered the times in Istanbul or in Marrakech where we, as tourist, were flooded by requests from the waitresses or waiters to choose their restaurant or so on.

Strangely that didn’t happen in japan so much, so when I heard of the law it was unusual to me.
Today that got me thinking: What would happen if marketing disappeared tomorrow?

What products would people choose?
I remember talking about “tricking people with your marketing“, sadly that advertising has started again in the radio. So it was natural to me to think of “would that company disappear if we were to ban marketing?”

A world without any kind of marketing would use the word of mouth to spread, so only the valuable products would survive.
No websites, no advertising, no marketing.

If your product can survive, you’re good to go.

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