can we exit the beauty-based society?

We are in a beauty based society, and I guess it’s safe to admit this.

From television, to every human interaction, everything revolves around beauty.
Other’s people opinions are based upon beauty, even the judgement on your health might be biased by that.

Therefore I’m wondering: can we get out of this beauty requirement or will we be caged by beauty forever?

My best guess is that to exit this loop we need first and foremost to change ourselves.
This has been a rule that I got the pleasure to demonstrate to myself daily.
Many of the problems in the world start in you.
This is different than saying “many of the problems in the world start by you” ok?
The problems themselves are within.

The place to start solving them is within you by working on how you act and react.
In this case what can be done individually to help change the beauty requirement?

First: stop using beauty as a level to judge people or their likeability.
Second: accept the fact that if you go without caring about beauty some people will be pissed off and will piss you off.
Your job in those cases will be to learn and improve. To know how to act and learn by mistakes.
Third: don’t confuse a society based on beauty with a society that doesn’t respect the body you live in.

The third point is key.
We often imaging the opposite of beauty as something shabby, like a men with a not well-finished beard. This is not the case, in fact being shabby is just like focusing on beauty.
Balancing excess with another type of excess rarely solves problems.
In this case the opposite of a beauty based opinion is an opinion based on other elements, but that doesn’t imply you should look after your body and aspect.
Your body will still be important, but not in an excessive way.


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