we’re all different, and we can’t be pleased

Few days ago I wrote that we can’t please everyone.
That is right. But why?

The reason I think we can’t please everyone is because each one of us has a different set of priorities, requirements, values and goals.

This intricate mix produces the perception of the world through which the person evaluates the world. It’s almost like the definition of good and bad because, in fact, this set defines how we think and how we react.

Everyone has a different set, so everyone has different priorities that make things more or less important.
They have different requirements for what should happen or how we should handle a situation, they have different values to define what does really matter and ultimately they have different goals they need to achieve.

If any of these fail to be acknowledged or satisfied, than it’s quite possible to be in front of a person who can’t be pleased.
It’s not anyone’s fault, because that difference is also what makes us unique.

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