what’s on the other side?

We jump to conclusions, don’t we?
We always think we know why people act that way, we think we can understand them.

I don’t like this behavior and the reason I don’t like it is because many times I’ve been on the other side of the fence: the misunderstood, the “you got me wrong”.

I’ve always hated when people thought I acted for a reason that was untrue.

But, honestly, I’ve been on both sides.
As per any human, I have prejudices even though I’d love to avoid them.
I highly respect myself and this produces and overconfidence that eventually becomes useless when confronting myself with others.

Still.. I can’t stop thinking about why don’t we think about the other side of the fence. Why we only think inside our mindset, as if the other people could be fully described by our thoughts.
Yes, our prejudices are based on true actions from the other person, but that doesn’t define them entirely yet we think it can.

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