the world is pricey, but you are the one choosing how much to pay

Some of our friends are marrying and it’s quite natura to think about how much money goes into a wedding.

It’s a lot and it makes me think about it.
Is that money something I would like to spend in case of my wedding?
That’s obviously not my choice alone, but I got to ask myself if this complies with the way I see and live the world.

To me, at least today, too much money goes into a wedding.
I think that anyone who can spend so much should do it if he/she cares, but to me that’s out of question. I would very much prefer a hug than having a nice suit that I’ll use one day in my life.

And the thing is: A wedding cost as much as you want it to price it high.
There’s no upper limit, but you are able (if you want) to strongly constraint it to a lower limit so that it doesn’t drain too much.

Many of the things today are like weddings.
They can be pricey, but it’s up to you to decide how much to pay.

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