we need more observer of the world

The idea behind writing every requires you to have at least a view on the world to share, a different take, every day.

This doesn’t mean that every content you produce is top-notch, but to make this habit interesting you want at least to be able to write profound things from time to time.

To get good ideas and make good points you need to observe the world, notice the things that happen around you, take notes and share what you learn from it.

It’s very similar to what a comedian does, he/she observe the world and than takes it what he or she likes and thinks it’s funny.
Doing this is awesome, but I personally found out that the more time you spend on a smartphone the less you’re prone to notice things and be a good observer.

You’re less likely to notice because the smartphone takes your time and your attention for a span of time that’s bigger than the use of the smartphone itself.
For example if you think you need to check your email you’re thinking about it before using the smartphone.
Then you use it, for like a few minutes, and then you need some time after using it to be able to interact with the world properly.

We need to be able to detach from this, and share our view with the world, or in a decade or two only a handful of people will be able to be good observer and the quality in the world will be much, much lower.

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