carpe diem is not enough

At least from a popular perspective, carpe diem is all about catching life, almost abusing it, taking any chance to do anything.

The true carpe diem is not about taking chance.
Carpe diem is about living the present.

Today a Facebook friend of mine wrote about “making memories”; and although it’s not the same as the original carpe diem, it’s a much better version than the popular one.

Make memories, live life with integrity and love, be vulnerable, be open to suggestions, do some crazy things once in a while (but don’t make it a lifestyle).
Enjoy life, be honest, respect life and all the surroundings, be around the people you love and love them without constraints.

Maybe you thought to live a crazy life whenever you hear “carpe diem”, stop from doing that. Live a full life. Live the life that you’ll remember not for the crazy facts, but for the whole love.

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