the meaning of sharing has changed and it’s not what it used to be

Today we were at a birthday party, and it was inevitable to see people shooting selfies.

Years ago we didn’t think of selfies, there was almost always someone who couldn’t appear in the photos, or we would use the timer to catch us all. Now we point the camera to us and bang, here you got a selfie.

I told my gf that selfies somewhat deprive the photo of a sentimental meaning. They often shows “just a bunch of us”, leaving aside all the story, all the memory, all the passion that comes with a crafted photo.

Once you do a selfie, the natural next step is sharing it on social, right?
Sharing, what a beautiful word. One of the definitions of sharing is
“To relate (a secret or experience, for example) to another or others.”
or again
“using or enjoying something jointly with others”

Isn’t it beautiful? Sharing means communion, participation, sharing means let other take part in some intimate event of you.

When I look at sharing today I feel there’s something missing, and the missing part is that intimate moment, that vulnerability. I miss the fact that we don’t share so many important events or moments, but we share it all.

It’s also not about sharing with some people, we share it with everyone. People we met once, people we know since childhood, no difference.

I realized that to me sharing was always about secrets.
Not secrets per se, but more like confessions.
Something intimate, private, emotionally dense that was not for general consumption but more for a private one.

And while I love the way socials are participating into our life, allowing us to connect with people, I can’t think of a single time where sharing in those places had this meaning.

Sharing in social media is always easy and fast, but in real life it was hard because you had to make a choice and to put on the table what you’ve got.
In the past sharing meant to make yourself vulnerable.
Today sharing means to make yourself visible, and the price of it is the quality and the integrity of the relationship that follows.

We have a choice, a choice to nurture our relationships with a more intimate sharing, with something more human and less derived from the mass.
It’s all about choosing the less beaten path, the less shiny path.
Vulnerable or visible? You choose.

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